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Please recycle

From saving lives to space travel, the invention of plastic changed the world. But the conveniences of plastic also resulted in a throw-away culture. It is important to acknowledge that many single-use plastic products are used for a few minutes yet have a potential lifespan on our planet of hundreds of years.

 Many of the plastic products across the world have our name on them. If even one of our wrappers ends up in the environment, that’s one too many. Our plastic is our responsibility.

Our key vision is focused around working together to ensure that our plastics are reused, recycled or composted.  This will further ensure that plastic remains in the economy, where it is kept in a loop, to stop it from ever finding its way into the environment.

Look at the new logo on our packaging!

Who I'm Wall's helps

For almost 100 years we’ve stood by our founder’s belief in ice-cream’s magical ability to melt barriers and bring us together. Plastic is a valuable material, so let’s work together to close the loop.

How to Recycle HB packs locally

At HB we believe in honesty and so have committed to being fully transparent about our packaging. We hope this helps as a guide to know how to recycle each component in Ireland. We understand that we are not yet perfect, however we are working as hard as we can to reduce our packaging and make sure everything that we do use is recyclable. In the meantime, we hope this information helps.

Nogger 6-pack

All of our multipack cartons with the Please Recycle logo are fully recyclable. Make sure you put them in your paper recycling bin when you are finished. Our plastic wrappers and wooden sticks are not currently recycled or collected. We are working on a more recyclable solution, however in the meantime we suggest you dispose of them in the general waste bin.

Calippo Cola

Cornetto cone wraps, Calippo tubes and Viennetta trays are not yet recyclable in Ireland. We are working as fast as we can on a solution which will still preserve the quality of our ice cream and will let you know as soon as we have cracked it! The Calippo lids are not yet recycled, however the Cornetto lids are widely recycled- please check your local facilities.

Carte D'Or Vanilla

Our plastic ice cream tubs and lids are fully recyclable and should be put into the recycling   when you are finished. However, unfortunately the plastic seals on these tubs are not widely recycled and so please put this in the  general waste bin. We are working on a fully recyclable option!